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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Congratulations USA, Welcome to Barack Obama!

Congratulations to Barack Obama on his Inauguration as
44th President of the United States of America !

It is difficult to put aside all the madness in today's world. Unfortunately, wars, poverty, oppression do not go away for the dear folk who are subjected to those hardships.

However, I believe today is a time to celebrate, a time of hope because I feel that the people of USA have chosen the right person to lead them. It is surely not realistic to expect one man, Barack Obama, to be the solution to all things. All the same, there is a sense of optimism in the air, that President Obama is in the right place, he is in a position of power to influence for good, to ensure that justice will prevail. He seems to me to be a person of intellect, clarity of thought, humility, respect and in touch with "real people", as he is a family man, so he is in a good position to identify with the issues of the people he will lead.

I am so glad that, today, the United States of America will be a place of celebration and I wish you all happiness and joy on this historic day!


Chiloe said...

He's the 44 th president ;-) Hope he does well too ...

Von said...

I watched quite a bit of the festivities today - the US sure can do up an inauguration. :D I pray he leads our country with integrity and wisdom. God knows he's going to need lots of wisdom.

Margaret said...

Although I wouldn't have voted for Barack Obama I think he is a good man and I truly hope that his presidency goes well. Von is so right he is going to need lots of wisdom.

The inauguration was wonderful to see. Although living far away from the US now we watched the entire thing on CNN and ate pizza Hawaii in celebration.