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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful and magical Christmas and are looking forward to whatever the coming year brings! I hope it is a happy, healthy and of course crafty year for you all.

I have included a New Year card that I created yesterday - I received a few cards after the holiday that I had unfortunately been unable to reciprocate, so decided to make about 8 cards to send out, just so people didn't think I had forgotten. To be honest, I felt so ghastly after my 'flu which seemed to just completely drain me of any energy over the Christmas break, so I think I have a bit of an excuse!

Nela, para clarificar un poco, el foto en mi blog mensaje de Navidad no es un conejo, en efecto, sino una ardilla, pero al verificar otra vez, tienes razon sabes, por que parecer ser un conejo jajaja! Lo consigue en Google imagenes. Un abrazo para el ano que viene, que te pasa muy tranquila y con alegria y con mucho coser, desde luego Nela, just to let you know, my photo on the previous blog entry is actually a squirrel rather than a rabbit - I picked it up from Google images - I must admit, when I re-checked it, it did indeed look more like a rabbit :-)) Big hug for the new year, I hope you have a peaceful happy time, with plenty of stitching of course.

Bye for now
Warmest wishes, Alison xx

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Von said...

Nice New Year's card, Alison! All the best in 2009. :D