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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Brrrrrrr - its very very cold!

It really is 'proper' January weather here in UK. Some years we have enjoyed reasonable temperatures in Jan/Feb but this year we are having a real winter, no question. Last night in my home village it registered at minus 12 deg which is as cold as I have known it since moving here 5 years ago. We have had a small amount of snow-fall which, due to the low temperatures, has frozen solid on my drive. The roads remain very clear though. Looking out of the window now, it looks like the temperatures may be starting to creep up because the snow is starting to look a bit more watery. When it gets above freezing, it will seem positively tropical LOL! My garden birds are really making the most of the nut hoppers I have hung on the hedges and in the trees as they are unlikely to find many grubs or other food, so hopefully it will help them survive during this cold snap.
I have been working at home today as I arranged to have my attic/loft insulated with 'lagging' to keep in the warmth. It took about 2 hours for them to complete the job and the difference is amazing - they even covered up my pipes with foam to seal in the warmth and covered the tank so it doesn't freeze. The upstairs rooms are much warmer already and I am hoping it may save money on heating oil if I don't have to have the heating up so high. We'll see, but its warm, that's the main thing.

I am planning to attend Stitch and Craft Show 2009 on Saturday 21st March at Olympia, London. If anyone is going up there, let me know and we can meet up! I will have a WIP photo of my sampler ready at the weekend, as I stitched on Sunday and this lunchtime so it is making good progress.
Take care and most importantly, STAY WARM!!!
Alison xx


Margaret said...

Oh my Alison - he's soooo cute.

You must be so happy to have your house nice and warm now. This is quite some winter isn't it?

I'm looking forward to an updated progress picture of your sampler.

Keep warm!!
hugs, Margaret

Shell said...

great to see you have started to blog again

Lindsay-ann said...

Hello Alison
Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment about my walk. I have enjoyed your blog, your samplers are exquisite.
I had heard it was minus 12 in the south this week. It was minus 5 here and that was cold enough! I hope you are now feeling much warmer with your insulation.
I see you are doing the Forest of Dean Half Marathon. It's such a beautiful place. We went there a few years ago and would love to return some time.
Have a lovely weekend.