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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Happy Weekend!

I hope you are well and had an enjoyable weekend - where did it disappear to? I spent quite a lot of time reading, which was quite enjoyable - I am currently half-way through Year 1 of a 2 year psychology course, which is amazingly interesting! I am probably reading far more than I need to for the exam (part 1 of the exam is actually on my birthday in May, how unlucky is that?? but maybe it will bring me good luck ....) I also stitched for a couple of hours yesterday and today - progressing well with my Sampler and also a couple of greetings cards which were nice and quick. I will try to work out how to download with my new camera - its all too complicated for this Squirrel :-(

There was an absolutely freezing arctic blast coming from the West (Siberia apparently), so my run today had me wearing a very thick pair of socks, polo neck cotton top plus another layer over that, then my reflective bib, plus gloves. I did manage to run!! Strangely, it was actually really sunny as I was running, but really really freezing cold, my face was frozen. I put about 2 layers of cream on my face to stop it from being sore, which worked well.

I have sent off for tickets for Stitch and Craft in March - have arranged to meet a number of craft people there (Olympia), so if anyone is going to it, then let me know and you can join us all for lunch :-)

Warmest wishes
Alison xx


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Alison
Glad to hear you had a good weekend. You are very brave going for a run in this freezing weather. Do you have snow? We have about one inch so far and my daughter is hoping for more by morning so her school might be shut for the day!
Stay warm and happy stitching.

AngelSan said...

I guess you are deep in snow right now? We had snow this morning, but it was ok, and it's all melted yet...
I can't believe you signed up for more courses? How come?

big hugs,


Hazel said...

I take it you are in the UK then and covered in the horrid white stuff from above??? xx

Von said...

You are a hardy soul, Alison, to be out running in the freezing temperatures!

I'm glad you're getting away for a crafty/stitchy weekend in March. I've just been planning one for myself the end of April - hurray for us! :D

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness Alison - you are brave to run when it is so cold. Puts me to shame as I try to get out of going for long walks at this time of year.

Your course sounds great and I'm sure that having to write and exam on your birthday will bring you good luck.

hugs, Margaret

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am also studying Psychology, this semester is on research methods and statistics. I also find the subject incredibly interesting, though statistics may be a bit of a challenge.

Rowyn said...

Welcome back to blogging Alison! :-)