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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Some of My Finished Works

Here are the colour skeins for my Moira Blackburn sampler, that I am currently stitching. I just love all those muted colours - I am really enjoying the stitching, its very restful.
These little cutey's are from the Woodland Trust website (I couldn't resist them!). The Woodland Trust is a wonderful charitable organisation in UK, dedicated to planting trees and preserving our precious natural habitats. It only cost £5 to sponsor the planting of a tree in a choice of 5 forests in different parts of the UK, so I have bought some trees for Christmas presents. You even get a certificate to give to your chosen recipients, with their name on and a short dedication. Its just my style of present, eco-friendly, not expensive but so worthwhile - who can resist the long-lasting beauty of a tree!

This is my Gail Bussi sampler which I stitched in the early summer. Gail is one of my very favourite designers because her colours are lovely, the designs are adorable - this one says "The Road to a Friend's House ..... Is Paved with Happy Thoughts".

This is my Woodland Sampler which is designed by Caroline Vincent. I bought her book at the Olympia Stitch and Craft Show 2007 (i.e. last year) and bought all the threads and aida at the show as they were cheaper, even more so than buying on the internet! The sampler took me a couple of months, it was very addictive - it uses a lot of 3-colour combinations (using 3 colour threads on the needle), which makes for really sumptuous textures and gives the animals a realistic look. Some of Caroline's other designs are just amazing - I have bought the threads for a couple of other pieces which I will start in the New Year after finishing my current piece.


AngelSan said...

waouh, 2 huge finishes? You are really on a roll... They are really beautiful, and lovely in these frames...

I have no clue for Christmas shopping, except for DBF who voices exactly what he wants... What to buy for people who don't really need anything? ah... ;)

Hazel said...

just popping over from margarets blog to say hello. Lovely colours fot the MB design. xx