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Saturday, 8 November 2008

First Blog Posting ... for a long time!

Hi there Crafters!

For many months I have been planning to get back blogging again, and things seem to have distracted me from doing so. I have really missed keeping in contact with the many crafting friends I have made over the internet. So, to give me some motivation, I decided to set up this brand new Blog and I am now determined to get back into the routine of posting, because it is a lot of fun! I need a new battery for my digital camera as my current one is 'on its last legs' (i.e. nearly beyond use!), then I will be able to take some piccies of my latest craft efforts to show you on this blog.

For those who remember me (and I hope there are a few familiar old friends, as well as newcomers, who will visit my blog!), I was in the middle of doing my Masters dissertation when I was last 'in the blogging habit'. I completed those studies and the photo at the top of this Posting, was taken at my Graduation ceremony in July this year.

My current project which is very much "Work in Progress" is a Moira Blackburn Sampler. The photo below has been taken from MB's official website, so you can see the finished design. As you will see, the border is very busy with lots of woodland creatures, including Squirrels (of course!), birds, rabbits and insects. I am really enjoying stitching it as there are no half-stitches or backstitching - so very relaxing! Also the colours are lovely, natural and rustic.

So far, I have nearly completed the bottom part, which you will see from the photo below includes the hillside field with sheep grazing, one of the trees and the bottom borderline. I hope that tomorrow (Sunday) will be a nice quiet day so that I can make some progress on it, as I am looking forward to the interesting part which is the side-border!

Well, that is all for my first blog - I will dig out a few photos of a couple of nice projects I completed over the summer, when the light was good and the evenings were longer. Its 5pm here in England, and already dark, although we did enjoy some nice sunshine earlier today.

Happy crafting!

Alison xx


Von said...

Hi Alison! It's great to see you once again!

Congrats on finishing your Master's degree and entering the world of business. :D I hope to see lots of blog entries and stitching pics - welcome back!

AngelSan said...

you look so great in your graduation costume !!!! congratulations (I think i already congratulated you at that time, but... once more won't hurt ;)

I loooove your project, I will ask "so, is it finished yet?" very often, as motivation ;)

I know we are entering your dreaded "dark most of the time" period of the year, but maybe it's time to try daylight lamps?



Margaret said...

Welcome back dear Alison. It was so good to see you blogging again after such a long time. We missed you!!

Love the name of your new blog.

Congrats on your Master's degree. Your are an amazing and determined woman to have accomplished this after all you have been through these past few years. I've been meaning to write you for ages. Things seem to have slowed down a bit now so hope to do so very soon. It certainly isn't that I don't think of you but oh to sit down and write.

Adorable piece you are working on.

hugs, Margaret

Bliss said...

Welcome back, Alison. It's good to see you online again.