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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sampler Progress and Magazine Reviews

Well, I did make some progress on my sampler today, but to be honest, probably not significant enough to take a special photo of it :o) I stitched two little birds on the left of the tree and started to work on the border. But, it is shaping up nicely!

Continuing with Angel San's tradition of reviewing English XS magazines, here is a comparative commentary of two UK magazines Cross Stitcher and World of Cross Stitch (WOCS). Over the past year, I have noticed that CrossStitcher has moved with the times, in terms of updating its 'look and feel' these days, having a more contemporary feel to it.
By comparison, I am afraid to report that World of Cross Stitch has done nothing to update its image and seems to churn out the same designs year after year, which irritates me because it shows rather a lack of imagination IMHO. This month's edition could have been published 7 - 10 years ago!! For example, I could have sworn I have seen the penguin alphabet, just in a slightly different format, in previous years. Also, since when have jungle animals been anything to do with Christmas? I'm sorry, but putting a Santa's hat onto a snake and putting a couple of presents next to a Chimp does not constitute Christmas - not even for children!
In fairness, the WOCS cover freeby kit is a nice-to-have, of good quality, being 4 snowglobe cards + envelopes and seasonal stitckers. Although I am not particularly fond of the designs (again, just a bit same-y, no particular 'whow factor') on reflection, I can always adapt them with other designs from my stash.
Below are a few photos of designs in Cross Stitcher Issue 207 (Dec/Jan) which I really admired:
(Above) Wedding cards with a Christmas theme - what a great idea, dual purpose :-) (Above) I like leafing through the pages of CrossStitcher with this designer story-board look

(Above) Nice! Some quick easy make book marks for Christmas stocking fillers. And hoorah, they aren't on a Christmas theme - let's face it, who wants to be using a book mark with Santa and penguins when sitting in the garden in the hot summer sunshine. Hey, I live in hope that we will get a hot summer in UK, but I always was a dreamer LOL ;-D

(Above) ... and finally, here is a really lovely Traditional Sampler for Christmas. I don't suppose I could stitch it in time for this Christmas, but will keep the pattern for next year. But, in the meantime, that lovely little snowman at the bottom would be ideal for a quick-make special Christmas card!

Here is a novel idea - a Christmas eco-friendly reusable shopping bag (we call it a 'Bag for Life' in England). Isn't it so bright and cheerful? It certainly cheers up a dull, grey day! You'd just never believe what it has been made from ..... look below for the answer

Did you guess??? Well, the bag has been made from melted down recycled PET bottles i.e. plastic bottles such as those used for soft drinks - squash, Coke etc. Isnt that an amaaaaazing use of packaging!


Nelapx said...

ohhh sobre las revistas ya se lo habia escrito a ambas,,, enviando mensaje a su editorial Cross stitcher realizo cambios la otra nada.. igual creo deben ambas mejorrar mucho pues consigues mejores articulos en los blog... Creo deben imaginar mas..
lo que si me ha gustado es la idea de ese bolso, puedes mostrarlo mas de cerca.. feliz semana.. te he saludado en mi blog...
anda lee español.. a ver si parcticas de nuevo... jijiji

Nelapx said...

Buenos dias Ali... para mi es de mañana, para ti ha de estar ya casi ene l almuerzo, mira para mi mas grato vollver a tenerte cerca... y veo que con mejores animos... la vida continua.. y me alegroque tu estes enacaminada a llevar la tuya... Te quiero muuuuucho...
sobre mi follow.. jajajjaa mira el pie de pagina de mi blog... creo que ya tiene tanto que por eso digo estoy remodelando ,,, ya lo voy a colocar a un lateral sale...
besotessss nela que se va a el centro a la aduana a sufrir sacar un paquete de alli... ayyy me encomiendo a todos los santos.