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Friday, 5 December 2008

My Treasured Squirrel

Hi everyone,

I have really been looking forward to posting this week, but things have been sooo busy with my projects at work (integrating 2 big information systems and creating a database for statistical analysis!) that time has sped by and still no blogging. But, here I am, finally!

One of the reasons for my excitement is that I want to proudly show something to you that I received a gift in the post earlier in the week. As you can see from the photo above, it is an adorable and cute red Squirrel, complete with an acorn! This was made by my very wonderful friend Margaret. When I opened the parcel, it gave me a very warm feeling to know that she has so obviously gone to the trouble of making the gift especially with me in mind which makes the gift doubly great :-) Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and friendship, Margaret it means all the world to me. Now that I have your new address since the 'Big Move', I have sent you a little "quelque-chose" to enjoy (something I have made for you!) and a hand-made card which I really enjoyed making! So watch out for your postman in the coming week. I only posted it today, so it may take about 3 to 4 days to reach you.

This weekend I have been invited to a birthday party for my friend's daughter, who wants us to dress up in ball gowns, glitz and glamour! So I'm looking forward to putting on my best party gear and a good excuse for a dance and chat with some friends I haven't seen for a while, and of course celebrating Holly's birthday!

I will look forward to posting again over the weekend!

Much love and crafty-ness :-)

Alison xxx


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Thank you for coming by and visiting my quirky little blog :)
My blog is a way to express my inner child ;) So please visit often as I am always trying to add new and fun stuff... Did you sign up for my give-away??? if not come back over and do that :) Everyone is welcome :)

Margaret said...

You are so very welcome Alison - I loved making it for you.

How exciting - a birthday party to truly get dressed up for. Have a marvelous time.


sailboat2adventure said...

Hi Alison, I am having a problem with my profile slipping to the bottom of my blog - you had it earlier but you have obviously fixed it. Can you please tell me how you fixed the problem.
many thanks

Glennis said...

Hi Alison,
I love your work and would dearly love to make the pirate cross stitch for my soon to be born great grandson. I live in Far North Qld Australia and cannot locate the pattern. Are you able to help in any way?
Kind regards