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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Coughs and Sneezes

Oh dear! I am feeling sorry for myself. I have succumbed to the current round of germs circulating in my office. I am never normally someone who takes time off as I normally feel better as the day goes on, but I have to admit, this one has got to me! It is making me feel like all my joints and muscles are aching like mad. I have been in bed all morning and have got up for a few hours so that I don't completely ruin my body clock and sleep pattern. I felt very poorly at work yesterday but thought an early night might get rid of it, but no luck. So its just a question of letting this awful bug take its course :-(

Over the weekend I was able to do a bit of work on my sampler, here is the latest WIP photo - its starting to shape up nicely don't you think?

You may recall a few postings back, I mentioned that I applied to the Woodland Trust (following a promotion in the UK National newspaper The Daily Mail) and purchased a couple of trees as Christmas presents. These saplings have now been planted in a plantation in Wales which will grow into a forest in years to come. I received the gift certificates to give the recipients, so I decided I would mount them onto stiff card and embellish with some decoupage in the style of An Edwardian Country Lady's Diary, which I think is a perfect style as it depicts authentic botanical flora and fauna.


Margaret said...

Mail and more mail from you!! Thank you so much for your pretty handmade Christmas card and the most adorable box. It is soooo me with the enchanting house. You are such a dear to make this for me Alison. I shall cherish it. I will post a picture of them both on my blog this weekend.

Hope you're feeling better. Hopefully a few days of rest and taking care of yourself did the trick.

Love the progress on your sampler and what a thoughtful gift for your friends these trees with pretty certificates are.

hugs, Margaret

Nelapx said...

La casita de la caja de Margaret esta linda... Feliz Navida Ali.... y que El todopoderoso... te proteja... un besote y un fuerte abrazo...