Brother Arrives to Stay!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Happy Weekend!

I hope you are well and had an enjoyable weekend - where did it disappear to? I spent quite a lot of time reading, which was quite enjoyable - I am currently half-way through Year 1 of a 2 year psychology course, which is amazingly interesting! I am probably reading far more than I need to for the exam (part 1 of the exam is actually on my birthday in May, how unlucky is that?? but maybe it will bring me good luck ....) I also stitched for a couple of hours yesterday and today - progressing well with my Sampler and also a couple of greetings cards which were nice and quick. I will try to work out how to download with my new camera - its all too complicated for this Squirrel :-(

There was an absolutely freezing arctic blast coming from the West (Siberia apparently), so my run today had me wearing a very thick pair of socks, polo neck cotton top plus another layer over that, then my reflective bib, plus gloves. I did manage to run!! Strangely, it was actually really sunny as I was running, but really really freezing cold, my face was frozen. I put about 2 layers of cream on my face to stop it from being sore, which worked well.

I have sent off for tickets for Stitch and Craft in March - have arranged to meet a number of craft people there (Olympia), so if anyone is going to it, then let me know and you can join us all for lunch :-)

Warmest wishes
Alison xx